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Ashton Smut, Muke fluff, and Calum Fic

Calum: Denial (oneshot)

Oneshots: OPEN
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upcoming 5sos dates

August 24: MTV VMAs Performance
September 4: iTunes Festival
September 20: iHeart Radio Music Festival
November 15: The Forum

We want to make an album that’s a real game changer. A lot of bands have to change what they sound like, but we are exactly the band that we want to be: a pop band, definitely, but we’ve got a rock and punk edge. We’re not trying to be anything that we’re not. We’re not ‘the new’ anything. We’re the first    5    S e c o n d s    O f     S u m m e r.


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Things I am currently craving

- hot kinky sex
- a deep massage
- bubble bath with extra bubbles
- milkshake
- cozy jammies
- warm, loving cuddles
- kisses all over my face

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@5SOS: More writing ☺️

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GUYS GUYS GUYS, can you please like this photo on Facebook. It’s part of my group and I’s final project and if we get the most likes we’ll have a higher chance to get a high grade. Please :)

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Websites listed are just a bunch of sites I find useful, helpful, and entertaining. Hover over the link for a short description.

For studyingWolfram|Alpha / Cliffs Notes / Spark Notes / Khan Academy / Study Guides and Strategies / Mathway / Scholarpedia

Facts: Fact Slides / Mass Energy ScaleWhy Is The Sky Blue? / Human Error / Brain Map / Here Is Today / Daily Routines / Periodic Videos

Layouts and Design: Lovely Charts / Draw / Bubbl / Printable Paper

EditingSumo Paint / Kleki / Creative Nerds / Pattern Library / Project 330 / Llama Font / Sketch Toy / Paletton

Writing:  ILYS / Written Kitten / Inkle WriterOne Word / Hatch’s Plot Bank / 911 Writer’s Block / Prompt Generator / Tip of My Tongue / Character Chart / Universal Etymology Dictionary / Acronym Finder / Word Frequency Counter / Polish My Writing

Language is a VirusWriting Prompts / Cut Up Machine / Text Generators

LanguageDuolingo / Live MochaForvo / Hello Mylo / Digital Dialects

Online Classes: CourseraHogwarts Is Here / Chess Academy / Justin Guitar / How To Play Piano / Music Theory / Code Academy / MIT OpenCourseWare

The Quiet Place Project: The Quiet Place / The Thoughts Room / 90 Seconds Relaxation / The Dawn Room / It Will Be Okay / The Dreams Room (Comfort Spot)

Sounds: Rainy Mood / Sound Drown / Nature Sounds / Coffitivity / Simply Rain / Soft Murmur / My Instants

Feel betterFatal to the FleshEmergency Compliment / Gives Me Hope / Make Everything OK / The Nicest Place on the Internet / Love For The Elderly / Butter Up / Am I Awesome?

To keep you calm: Calm / Stress Analyst / Do Nothing for 2 Minutes / Chillouts / Rainy Day Simulator

To keep you distracted: This Is Sand / Silk / Imagination / Planetarium / Bouncy Balls / Anasomnia / Tentacles / Fractal Gears / 360 Aurora Borealis / Pollock

When you need someone to talk to: Survivors Chat / Anxiety Space / Mental Health Chat Rooms / Blah Therapy / Crisis Chat

Feeling Nostalgic?: Nick Reboot / Snes Fun / Classic Games Arcade / My 70s TVMy 80s TVMy 90s TV / AOL Dial Up / Pica Pic / YTTM

Music: Chordify / Key ChordsTrntbl / Singing Horses / Cmd / Drinkify / Wub Machine / Stereomood / Every Noise At Once / Jukebox Time Machine / Party Cloud / Muszc / Midomi / The Infinite Jukebox / Unhear It / Musicovery

MoviesRun Pee / Quotacle / Movie Body Counts / After Credits / Does The Dog Die?

Personality TestsJung Typology Test / Color Quiz / 16 Personalities

Cooking: All Recipes / Start Cooking / Egg Watchers

Animal RelatedCat Like Icon Maker / Shelter Pups / Put You In A Better Mood / Bee Dogs / Gruntle

Translators: Morse Code Translator / Binary Translator / Mayan Glyphs Translator / Bad Translator / R2D2 Translator / Drunk Post Translator

Can’t decide?Random / Yes, No, Maybe / Just Flip A CoinWhereTF Should I Go To Eat / WhereTF Should I Go To Drink

OthersRealtime World Statistics / Similar Sites / Pointless Sites / The Useless WebRead Any Book / Time To Sleep? / Pizzarithmetic / Shady URL / Future Me / Shut Up And Take My Money / Instructables / Taste Kid 

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i106 Meet & Greet (part 2) - Nashville - August 19, 2014 [x]

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August 21, 2014 - Nashville [x]

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